11/ 20/ 2016

2016 Budget Friendly Holiday Gift Guide

I enjoy gift giving, but I do find the holidays hard! I’m one of those gift givers who likes to buy the perfect thing when I think of it. Around the holidays, that doesn’t always happen for me. So I often turn to gift guides for help.

Unfortunately, gift guides do not always take budget into account. I looked at one that had a designer apron listed at $100 and a French Press for $85! I don’t have the monthly income to support this level of gift giving, which is what inspired me to put together a list of gifts I love that are under $25.


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11/ 12/ 2016

Lessons from Somewhere: October 2016

A couple of weeks ago, I was on my way to work. I had a rolling carry on bag as I was taking a train to DC that afternoon. I was heading out of the subway station, and felt the wheels of my bag catch on something. I looked down to discover I rolled over someone’s iPhone.


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10/ 24/ 2016

Packing with Ease

This year, I’ve been traveling more often. I love seeing new places and exploring unfamiliar cities. The thing is, I hate flying and packing. But I don’t let that stop me! Over the past several months, I’ve incorporated a few tricks that make the process less stressful.


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10/ 18/ 2016

Five Ways to Heal

Heart break is never easy. Be it from a break up, a disagreement with a friend or another kind of loss, it often feels like the ache will never go away. There have been many changes this year. Someone broke up with me and I found out I had cancer. I still feel uneasy. It has been hard to be patient, to let the healing take the time it will take.

But here are some steps I took to help me through the healing process:


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Let’s Fall Down the Rabbit Hole

Let’s Fall Down the Rabbit Hole

Hello, I'm Jaime, and welcome to With Muchness! Like one of my favorite heroines Alice in "Through the Looking Glass," I feared I'd “lost my muchness” in life. This is where I'm finding it again and I hope you'll join me on the journey.

Let’s connect


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